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I was once walking on a pitch black night when I saw a blind man walking in the road with a torch in his hand. I said to him, My son, why do you carry this torch?

He replied: As long as I have this torch in my hand, people see me and save me from the holes and the thorns and briars (Talmud - Mas. Megillah 24b)

About Avukat Or

Avukat Or, established in 2004, offers a full, meaningful daily schedule with specially adapted work opportunities, a wage system, opportunity for social contact, therapies and activities for blind, young adults with multiple disabilities. Like all adults, these pupils, who are all blind in addition to suffering from multiple disabilities, need purpose and a sense of achievement in their daily lives. Their day starts with a group assembly, and then participants break up into smaller work groups which allow them to receive personal attention.


Avukat Or is the only educational, rehabilitative framework in Israel that can serve complex needs of young adults with blindness and multiple disabilities. There are other institutions that accept young adults with these disabilities; however, they offer no enrichment activities, which is critical to bring meaning into their lives. Pupils have continuously dealt with unsuccessful placement in centers where blindness and its effects on their multiple disabilities were not addressed. As a result, those pupils regressed physically and withdrew into their exceptionally closed world, or acted out, and were suspended from their centers for extended periods. Avukat Or was established in order to focus on the specific needs of these pupils.


Akvuka Or pupils take great pride and show an eagerness to work. They also plan, with their care givers, ways to spend their symbolic wages on personal desires - an added plus that has also contributed to their enhanced motivation and sense of achievement. In addition to work, they enjoy various guided activities and therapies including: therapeutic gardening, psychodrama, art and music. These achievements are only made possible because of the professional input and high staff ratio. Our committed local volunteers also play an integral role in the center, providing a connection with the surrounding community and contributing to Avukat Or's dynamic atmosphere.


It is critical that the pupil's time will be filled with substance and that their work and creations will bring joy to them, their families, and their surrounding environment. The more the pupils are involved and busy in respectable activities, the more the surrounding environment will respond to them in the same manner. Avukat Or provides various activities, such as music, art, animal encounters, and gardening. These are not only for amusement, but instead, it forms of therapy, that are absolutely necessary to maintain quality of life, improved health, and a longer life span for our pupils.

Our Team

President of the board: Mr. Avi Tessler


Board members:

Mrs. Ruth Vald – Chairman of the board

Mrs. Reisha Karkover
Rabbi Eitan Eisman

Rabbi Mordechai Sternberg

Rabbi Dov Cook

Shimon Lazar, Attorney at Law

Mr. Ehud Lev Ari

Mr. moshe Asulin, CPA

Mr. Ehud Ben Naftali, Attorney at Law




חניכי אבוקת אור במהלך פעילות עם עמותת "אתגרים"
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